For as long as I can remember, toffee has been my favorite candy. But for many years, it was impossible to find one as good as the toffee I remember from my childhood.

I couldn’t find it on on any shelf or website, so I knew that to taste truly exceptional toffee again, I would have to create it. 

Fueled by my passion, professional training at a top culinary school in Chicago and experience working in the finest restaurants and hotels, I set out to create the world’s best toffee.

After years of experimentation and determination, Recherché Toffee was born!

As a culinary perfectionist, I use only the finest, freshest natural ingredients -- ones you can recognize and pronounce: butter, sugar, almonds, and chocolate.

The result is the most exceptional melt-in-your mouth buttery toffee that won’t stick to, or break your teeth.

I developed what so many toffee connoisseurs have been seeking for so long. In French, Recherché means: sought after, rare, and exquisite.

After taste tests, friends and family implored me to share my toffee with the world.

So I bring to you in a timeless, classic, little black box -- an untouchable luxurious treat that is meant to be savored. This IS the best toffee you’ll ever taste.

Treat yourself,

Kathy Casey, Founder and Creator